How To Get Over Toned Pastel Hair

I’ve been making boysenberry hair my signature since 2015, and I’m not about to change my lavender locks anytime soon! If you are ready to add a touch of pastel to your main mane without making a trip to the salon, then here’s what you need to know!

alt="over toned pastel hair"

alt="over toned pastel hair"

I just want to preface this little read by saying that I am not hairdresser, nor an expert on hair, however, I am using a salon recommended product to achieve my over toned pastel hair – a De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo to be exact.

Most blondes will be familiar with toning products, and similar to any purple based shampoo, the De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo reduces brassy shades of blonde, while reflecting pastel, lavender hues. But the best thing about this shampoo, is that you can control the intensity of your over toned tresses. For my lilac locks, I leave this product on for a good 2-3 minutes to create a soft, pastel shade. However, if your hair is more statement then subtle and you’re after a more striking, violet hue, then you’ll want to let this shampoo simmer for 5+ minutes.

alt= "De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo"

De Lorenzo NovaFusion Rosewood Shampoo.

Before you start dreaming about unicorn hair, here’s a few little tips and tricks from a fellow unicorn queen.


  1. Apply Rosewood shampoo with a paintbrush to ensure a consistent pastel tone throughout your tresses.
  2. Combine with regular shampoo for a more subtle effect.
  3. Repeat as necessary, as this pastel finish will fade and wash out in time.
  4. Wash hands immediately after use, as this toner will stain your nails (trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way!)
  5. When using throughout hair extensions, do lather and emulsify with water as quickly as possible to avoid patchy pastel shades.
  6. Do continue to condition hair as per normal, for a silky shiny mane.


  1. Don’t emulsify the product when washing your own hair, as this breaks down the colour of the product.
  2. Don’t use an exfoliating or deep cleanse shampoo after using the De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo as this will dull the colour.
  3. Wash product thoroughly out of hair.

Are you coveting this over toned pastel hair trend? Have you tried the De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo before? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


AW Beauty Workshop with Gritty Pretty

If you’re following the gram you’ll already know my highlight of last week, meeting the fabulous beauty IT Girl, Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty. Featuring as the special guest of Westfield Carindale’s AW Beauty Workshop, Eleanor dished her insider beauty knowledge of the key makeup and hair trends for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season.

Not only is she just as gorgeous in the flesh, she’s super friendly, and her presentation certainly proved one thing, this girl knows her stuff!

alt="Gritty Pretty"

Starting with an inspiring insight into her journey of Gritty Pretty, Eleanor’s story speaks of dedication, hard work and most importantly, a love of beauty!


According to Eleanor, some of the major beauty trends straight off the catwalk are seen as:

Plum Lips

Rich, berry hues are picked to be the colour of choice for plump pouts this AW season. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited at the thought of such a sophisticated (and seductive) statement lip. Not to mention, as Eleanor points out, plum lipsticks feature a blue base which creates the illusion of a brighter smile and who doesn’t love the look of pearly whites!

Sharing her tricks of the trade, Eleanor recommends applying the lipstick to the middle finger and dabbing onto the lip, rather than using the bullet, is the safest way to apply the lip stain.

 alt="Gritty Pretty"

Bold Brows

I’m excited to hear that bold brows are here to stay, according to Eleanor. For this reason, it is more important than ever to invest in the right products to ensure your brows remain on fleek. When it comes to creating #browenvy, Eleanor suggests adding brow gel to your beauty routine, to add dimension and fill in any gaps. Not to mention, the gel formula helps to set brows in place and minimise smudges and sliding. Dearly noted girlfran!


Undone Waves and Messy Braids

When it comes to the tresses, Eleanor suggests that undone is done, with a focus on more relaxed styles. Channel an effortless yet chic vibe with loose, cascading waves, while always remembering to spritz roots with dry shampoo for second day hair.

As for trending updo’s, Eleanor says messy braids and plaits are on high rotation, brought about by the 90’s resurge. As if by total fate, I happened to style a messy fishtail braid to the workshop, which Eleanor personally complimented, saying that my hairstyle was bang on trend. This one’s going in the book as one of my Top 5 Fashion Moments!

alt="Gritty Pretty"

If a picture paints a thousand words, then these snaps show off just how fabulous this event was! For a little more beauty how-to, definitely check out my write up on the Lulu and Lipstick blog, covering Eleanor’s many tips and tricks. You won’t want to miss out on this beauty guide cuties! x

Photography by Westfield Carindale

Creating #HAIRGOALS With Cloud Nine

“alt=Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron”

TBS Cloud Nine-12

TBS Cloud Nine-36

TBS Cloud Nine-23

“alt=Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron”

TBS Cloud Nine-21

TBS Cloud Nine-30

TBS Cloud Nine-31

TBS Cloud Nine-25

TBS Cloud Nine-26

TBS Cloud Nine-40

“alt=Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron”

Cloud Nine Original Iron Set.

If there’s one hair trend that I can’t get enough of, it’s the refined look of sleek, straight hair. Highlighting cascading length and silky smooth texture, straight hair has an underlying #girlboss feel, as a #girlboss has no time for unnecessary frizz. Feelin’ me fashionistas? *Insert praise emoji*

When it comes to mastering perfectly straight hair, I use my Cloud Nine Original Iron as my weapon of choice. Having mid length hair (enhanced by lengthy extensions for volume), I find the Original Iron to be very compatible to my hair type. In the past I have always been concerned about the damage caused by heat styling tools to my fine, fragile locks. I’ve watched (in horror) as my hair has incurred breakage and dehydration, and loose it’s healthy glow. But switching to the Cloud Nine technology has totally changed the way I feel about hair irons. What I love about this technology, is the temperature control settings that allow me to reduce the heat emitted. Featuring five temperature settings, I find myself using the lowest temperature when styling my natural hair, and increasing the temperature throughout the ends of my extensions for that crisp, sharp finish. What I notice about my hair post styling, is how it retains a beautiful and healthy shine, along with it’s soft, silky texture. Gone are the days of crunchy, dry hair strands created with poor quality tools.

TBS Cloud Nine-18

As for the process, it’s the quickest way to achieving serious #hairenvy. While I wait for my Cloud Nine Original Iron to heat up (which takes literally seconds), I start with a light mist of heat protective spray throughout the mid-ends and give a quick tousle.  Sectioning layer by layer, I glide my iron through my hair, refraining from ironing my roots. I spend a little extra time framing the layers around my face for a more polished look, and ensure my centre part falls naturally. Finally, I tuck my shorter layers behind my ears for that super sleek do. Instant #hairgoals!

Ladies if you are looking to upgrade your styling equipment, then I recommend checking out the Cloud Nine Range and snapping up a new Cloud Nine Iron. You and your hair will thank me later! x

TBS Cloud Nine-32


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

20 Hairstyles For Fine Hair!


When it comes to hair, we lady’s always want what we can’t have. As for me, I experience major #hairenvy when I see girls with luxurious, thick, curly hair – basically the exact opposite of what I was blessed with. For years, I have wished for volume, body and fast-growing locks and unfortunately my very fine, dead straight hair has never delivered! Luckily, the hair industry is always developing new little tricks to transform even the finest hair into fabulous hair! Never shy of trying a new style, I have found the following twenty styles to be particularly volume deceiving for those with fine hair, whilst creating some serious #hairspo!

1. The Bouffant

Hairstyles for Fine Hair, The Bouffant

A modern spin on a 60’s classic.

The “Bouffant” is a ladylike hairstyle comprised of volume, volume, volume!

2. The High Pony

TBS SatC hi res 041

Nothing says sophistication quite like the classic high pony tail.

3. Double Buns

TBS Strawberry hi res 064

While very Miley esque, double buns create a quirky and bold statement, just like the twerking that follows!

4. The Braided Crown


The quickest way to crown yourself a Bohemian Queen is with a whimsical braided crown.

5. Side Swept Waves


Retro glam factor on fleek!

6. The Ballerina Bun


No tutu’s necessary with this angelic hairstyle. Why not try a bun donut for a more structured and dynamic bun!

7. The Messy Braids


A young girl wearing braids once clicked her ruby heels while a magical sequence unfolded before her. Surely the same thing will happen whilst wearing this enchanted hairstyle.

8. Corkscrew Curls


Curly by nature! This style is fun, flirty and feminine – perfect for the gal about town!

9. The Messy Low Bun

The Blonde Silhouette 20

An effortless, elegant style, highlighting the nape of the neck.

10. The Top Knot

TBS Australia Day look 1-41

Emphasise height and sophistication with this larger than life hairstyle.

11. Girl Next Door Waves


Soft, flowing waves, for that sweet, girly charm!

12. The Fishtail Braid


A hairstyle that is quite simple in execution, but appears rather elaborate. Add texture and depth to a high ponytail, with a loose fishtail braid.

13. Sleek & Straight

TBS Purple Wall hi res 15

Totally understated!

14. Waves


Add bounce to your main mane with gentle waves.

15. The Volumed Updo


Volume at the front, party at the back.

16. The Low Pony

TBS Bridge-42

Classic & chic- the #girlboss do!

17. The Ariana Grande


The iconic half up, half down combo.

18. The Preppy Pony

TBS Southbank Fluffy-7

If Gossip Girl taught us anything, it’s that a preppy do relies on; sky high pony tails and bouncy curls.

19. The Loop

TBS Powerhouse Look 1 web 06

Not quite a bun, the “Loop” offers an polished and practical hairstyle, perfect for work or play.

20. The Side Plait

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The quick side plait, effortless at it’s best.


Photography by Erin Smith Photography, Ryan Salisbury Photography, Offbeat Imaging, BNEStyle, Polkadot Passport, Fallon Images.