Creating #HAIRGOALS With Cloud Nine

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

“alt=Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron”

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“alt=Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron”

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“alt=Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron”

Cloud Nine Original Iron Set.

If there’s one hair trend that I can’t get enough of, it’s the refined look of sleek, straight hair. Highlighting cascading length and silky smooth texture, straight hair has an underlying #girlboss feel, as a #girlboss has no time for unnecessary frizz. Feelin’ me fashionistas? *Insert praise emoji*

When it comes to mastering perfectly straight hair, I use my Cloud Nine Original Iron as my weapon of choice. Having mid length hair (enhanced by lengthy extensions for volume), I find the Original Iron to be very compatible to my hair type. In the past I have always been concerned about the damage caused by heat styling tools to my fine, fragile locks. I’ve watched (in horror) as my hair has incurred breakage and dehydration, and loose it’s healthy glow. But switching to the Cloud Nine technology has totally changed the way I feel about hair irons. What I love about this technology, is the temperature control settings that allow me to reduce the heat emitted. Featuring five temperature settings, I find myself using the lowest temperature when styling my natural hair, and increasing the temperature throughout the ends of my extensions for that crisp, sharp finish. What I notice about my hair post styling, is how it retains a beautiful and healthy shine, along with it’s soft, silky texture. Gone are the days of crunchy, dry hair strands created with poor quality tools.

TBS Cloud Nine-18

As for the process, it’s the quickest way to achieving serious #hairenvy. While I wait for my Cloud Nine Original Iron to heat up (which takes literally seconds), I start with a light mist of heat protective spray throughout the mid-ends and give a quick tousle.  Sectioning layer by layer, I glide my iron through my hair, refraining from ironing my roots. I spend a little extra time framing the layers around my face for a more polished look, and ensure my centre part falls naturally. Finally, I tuck my shorter layers behind my ears for that super sleek do. Instant #hairgoals!

Ladies if you are looking to upgrade your styling equipment, then I recommend checking out the Cloud Nine Range and snapping up a new Cloud Nine Iron. You and your hair will thank me later! x

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Photography by Erin Smith Photography

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