How To Get Over Toned Pastel Hair

I’ve been making boysenberry hair my signature since 2015, and I’m not about to change my lavender locks anytime soon! If you are ready to add a touch of pastel to your main mane without making a trip to the salon, then here’s what you need to know!

alt="over toned pastel hair"

alt="over toned pastel hair"

I just want to preface this little read by saying that I am not hairdresser, nor an expert on hair, however, I am using a salon recommended product to achieve my over toned pastel hair – a De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo to be exact.

Most blondes will be familiar with toning products, and similar to any purple based shampoo, the De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo reduces brassy shades of blonde, while reflecting pastel, lavender hues. But the best thing about this shampoo, is that you can control the intensity of your over toned tresses. For my lilac locks, I leave this product on for a good 2-3 minutes to create a soft, pastel shade. However, if your hair is more statement then subtle and you’re after a more striking, violet hue, then you’ll want to let this shampoo simmer for 5+ minutes.

alt= "De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo"

De Lorenzo NovaFusion Rosewood Shampoo.

Before you start dreaming about unicorn hair, here’s a few little tips and tricks from a fellow unicorn queen.


  1. Apply Rosewood shampoo with a paintbrush to ensure a consistent pastel tone throughout your tresses.
  2. Combine with regular shampoo for a more subtle effect.
  3. Repeat as necessary, as this pastel finish will fade and wash out in time.
  4. Wash hands immediately after use, as this toner will stain your nails (trust me, I’ve learnt the hard way!)
  5. When using throughout hair extensions, do lather and emulsify with water as quickly as possible to avoid patchy pastel shades.
  6. Do continue to condition hair as per normal, for a silky shiny mane.


  1. Don’t emulsify the product when washing your own hair, as this breaks down the colour of the product.
  2. Don’t use an exfoliating or deep cleanse shampoo after using the De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo as this will dull the colour.
  3. Wash product thoroughly out of hair.

Are you coveting this over toned pastel hair trend? Have you tried the De Lorenzo Rosewood Shampoo before? Let me know what you think in the comments below!