Elevate Denim To Date Night Chic

Friday, July 20th, 2018

denim to date night

denim to date night

paige denim

TBS Old Museum 2-50

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Paige Colette Crop Flare JeanPaige Romana Blouse; Paige Ruffle Heidi Jacket; Pandora Rose Essence Necklace, Rose Wish Bone Ring Stack, Rose Bright Heart Hoops, Rose Moments Sliding Bracelet; Steve Madden Heels (similar style here).

I’m swapping the LBD this date night and instead styling a very sophisticated denim combo, courtesy of my friends at Order Of Style. Not just for daywear, I’m sharing my top tips to Elevating Denim To Date Night Chic with Paige Denim. Read on ladies.

1. Start with a flattering style of jeans, such as slim fit or straight, in a dark wash. I am obsessed with the Paige Colette Crop Flare as they feature a comfortable high waist, stretched denim fabric and adorned with pearl cufflinks. Still quite polished, this pair would not be out of place in a trendy restaurant or would still be practical enough for a game of mini golf with the beau.

2. Style with a seductive neckline. It doesn’t have to be anything too plunging (trust me, that’s not my style) but the relaxed draping seen in this Paige Romana Blouse wrap top, creates a beautiful visual against the jeans.  Not to mention, the celestial print adds a little character to the look, perfect for a first date.

3. Keep accessories luxe, yet minimal. Stray from gaudy statement earrings and large rings (trust me, these are a nuisance when it comes to sneaky hand holding) and instead opt for fine, delicate pieces in a rose gold hue. I’m loving Pandora’s Rose Collection which features many dainty pieces to suit any budget.

4. Sling a jacket over those shoulders to avoid any nervous chills (yes, they are a thing). A denim jacket never goes astray and like the rest of your ensemble, I recommend a dark wash. The Paige Ruffle Heidi Jacket is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, being both bold and chic at the same time, with it’s feminine ruffle feature and silver hardware.

Do you have any tips and tricks to laying date night denim? I’de love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Photography by Erin Smith Photography

Riverdale Inspired: Leather Jacket Vibes

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Riverdale Leather Jacket

Riverdale Leather Jacket

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-14

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-44

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-07

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-56

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-48

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-24

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-58

TBS Autumn 2018 Web Look 1-08

NA-KD Triple Layer Flounce Dress, Sam Edelman Boots (similar style here), Portmans Leather Jacket (similar style here), Adorne Clutch (similar style here), Molten Store Enigmatic Ways Earrings, Wallace Bishop Necklace, Pandora Vintage Allure Ring.

It feels like forever since Riverdale wrapped up an explosive second season, but I’m still reliving my favourite moments a la Netflix binge. There was so much to admire from a fashion perspective, from Cheryl Blossom’s opulent spider brooch, to Veronica’s pearls and preppy style, but none so iconic then the highly coveted, serpent jacket.

A mark of rebellion, upon watching Jughead Jones dramatically sling the leather jacket over his shoulders made me reach into my wardrobe for my leather jacket. Although it features a more feminine cut and sans serpent logo, I’m still feeling totally fierce in this timeless piece! *Cue Imagine Dragon’s Believer*

Styling a more edgy look than usual, I’m teaming my leather jacket with a flirty, flounce dress in a bold leopard print, available at NA-KD. I just love how the delicate layers move with wear, making this the perfect little dress for an evening out dancing with the girls.

Are you being fashionably influenced by a particular character/show/movie? Drop me a note in the comments below!


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

Faux Fur Finds with Zara W18

Monday, June 18th, 2018

faux fur

faux fur

zara faux fur

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-37

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-08

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-27

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-13

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-10

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-22

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 1-04

Zara Faux Fur Coat; Brave + True Dress; Adorne Golden Ages Sequin Floral Clutch, Fishermans Hat; Pandora Black Vibrant Spirit Ring; Wittner Boots (similar style here).


For me, a good morning starts with steaming coffee and skimming over my instafeed, but a great morning involves a personal tour of the W18 collection at Zara Brisbane. What excites me about this collection is the eclectic mix of textures and fabrics; plaid, satin, silk and velvet, to name just a few. Invited to select some goodies from the new season range (no arm twisting needed), I choose an indulgent, yet practical piece that resolves a gap in my current wardrobe – that item being a faux fur coat.

Does one need one in this tropical Queensland climate you may ask? The answer is absolutely. Sure I have trenches, blazers, vests and the link to help me layer, but one thing I’ve longed for is a  faux fur coat to sling across my shoulders casually, or layer upon a cocktail outfit on a crisp night out.

I fell completely in love with the plush texture and snowy hue of this Combination Faux Fur Coat. Whilst some might find this piece a bit extra, I find it sophisticated and am reminded of the on-screen glamour of Lina Lamont (Singing In The Rain – for those of you that don’t quite understand the reference). This piece elevates a simple Wintery #ootd; comprised of a tweed mini dress, statement hat, sequinned clutch and my favourite suede boots.

Have you invested in a faux fur coat? I’de love to hear your styling tips, so leave me a comment below! x


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

Modern Masterpiece: The Picasso Jacket

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Picasso Jacket

Picasso Jacket

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-22

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-37

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-43

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-16

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-32

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-47

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-34

Ashleigh Eiffel Look 2-18

Brave + True Picasso Jacket, Granite Shirt, Bulletproof Skirt (available at Holiday Trading Co); Pandora Moments Sliding Leather Bracelet w/ Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm,  Open Heart Necklace w/ Orange Tassel Hanging Charm & Spiritual Feather Necklace Pendant, Moments Double Leather Bracelet (worn as a necklace); Oroton Clutch (similar style here); Jo Mercer Ankle Boots (similar style here).

Masterpiece; precisely the word I used to describe this gorgeous suede floral jacket from my new found muse, Brave + True. This prized piece has been on constant rotation since arriving at TBS HQ, as it’s just so accessible with it’s earthy colour palette, bohemian charm and distinctly feminine floral print. Styling an entire Brave + True ensemble, I’m teaming this garment with a structured blouse and a buttery leather skirt in my favourite hue, blush pink.

This #ootd lends itself to any type of footwear, from cute brogues to a dainty heel, however, I’m keeping things casual (and chic) in a pair of Jo Mercer ankle boots (old faithfuls from a few seasons ago). These boots are perfectly suited to a morning wandering the grounds of a tropical hideaway.

A memorable mention, goes to Pandora who have released a Festival collection I am completely obsessed with. Featuring rich, tan leathers and trinkets depicting dream catchers alike, I’m totally indulging in this whimsical collection.


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

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