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 Sheike Gold Foil Skirt (similar style here), Veronika Maine Giraffe Print Top, Jo Mercer Tanessa Heels, Oroton Cuff (similar style here), Lovisa Ear Cuff (similar style here).

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to redefining my personal style and replenishing my wardrobe, and what I love and gravitate towards is animal print. No surprises there. But today it’s all about specificity as I may just have found my favourite species of animal print- Giraffe. I’m not sure whether it’s the monochromatic colour scheme or the geographical shape that has me hooked, but I literally can’t get enough of this print!

This little Veronika Maine gem has become the shining star of my Autumn wardrobe. Worn with metallics as I have styled above, or boyfriend denim- this piece maintains it’s statement status, while walking on the wild side. Suddenly I’m seeing some double meaning of Beyonce’s #saschafierce.

Back to business with my longstanding blogger friend, Yolanda from BNEstyle. A genius with her location spotting and attention to finer detail, she really is every bit the professional and her work blows me away every time. If you haven’t already, you must check out her blog and photography website, follow her on Facebook and Twitter and double tap that Instagram @bnestyle.


Photography by Yolanda from BNEstyle

  • That first shot is so stunning! Lovely work as always, ladies! xx