The Hepburn

The Blonde Silhouette 3

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The Blonde Silhouette 18

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The Blonde Silhouette 28

Witchery Bold Stripe Wrap Dress, Skin Hot Loving Heels, Royal Aquamarine Hepburn Sunglasses, Swarovski Arrive Earrings, Fossil Bevel Glitz Bangle, Michael Kors Blair Pave Rose Gold Watch.

If history taught us anything, it’s that trends are fleeting, but the classics are forever! When it comes to timeless style, there’s one particular name that instantly springs to mind- Audrey Hepburn. Queen of the silver screen, Audrey revolutionised the fashion world with her classic LBD, statement pearls and sophisticated cigarette holder. I’m taking a leaf out of Audrey’s stylish book and bringing back the classics, one stiletto at a time.

I’m loving the simplicity of this monochrome wrap dress as it offers a practical but flattering shape, perfect for the office, or a casual stroll across the seaside with a leading man.Teaming with a pair of monochrome block heels, I’m adding a touch of interest material to the mix, creating a delightful print clash because I’m all about the drama!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a tribute to Audrey without a fabulous pair of frames and these Royal Aquamarine Hepburn Sunglasses are totally fitting. Remember ladies, I’ve got a 20% discount off your next Royal Aquamarine purchase – use the codeword ‘TBSROYAL’ at checkout. Looking glam! 


Photography by Fallon Images

Barbie Girl

TBS Pink-3

TBS Pink-52

TBS Pink-42

TBS Pink-2

TBS Pink-22

TBS Pink-9

TBS Pink-32

TBS Pink-14

TBS Pink-49

TBS Pink-28

TBS Pink-18

TBS Pink-31

TBS Pink-50

St Frock Lioness Your Call Coat, St Frock Layla Shift Dress, St Frock Lulu Beanie, Royal Aquamarine Kelly Sunglasses, Pandora Shimmering Rose Necklace, Pandora Silver Ring, Pandora Silver Heart Ring, Wittner Avril Heel, Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera.

Meet new age Barbie, the quirky, slightly flirtatious doll who’s traded in her cardboard box for a perfectly pink dream house. Styling a winter ensemble, she wears a pink trench coat, over a wild, animal print dress. With matching accessories, she styles a pastel pink beanie on top of her pastel toned hair and comes with a pair of statement pink sunglasses. Like any girl, she loves her jewellery and has teamed a Pandora pendant with a collection of stackable rings. While many barbies before her couldn’t keep track of their footwear, this Barbie will never loose her heels!

Equipped with a pink, polaroid camera, this Barbie has perfected her posing and pouting. With no Ken in sight, she’s queen of her castle, ruler of her mansion, a total #girlboss. Long live Queen B.

This one’s certainly not suitable for children 😉


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

A Rose Amongst A Storm

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 02

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 07

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 12

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 18

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 25

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 13

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 20

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 38

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 36

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 42

TBS Cleveland II look 1 web 32

Pinnacle Runway Playsuit, Jo Mercer Scarlet Heels, Jo Mercer Johansson Clutch, Swarovski Sheena Earrings, Peep Toe Ring, Bowerhaus Baroque Pearl Bracelet (similar style here).

Creating a juxtaposition between mother nature’s dramatic temper and my inherent adoration of florals and femininity, has coined a new ending to the classic expression, “A Rose Amongst A….Storm”….because a garden background is just so cliche.

Always delighted by particularly feminine pieces, it’s the details seen in this Pinnacle Runway playsuit that I absolutely adore. Having formed a slight obsession with whites this summer, I’m welcoming the slight shade diversion on the colour wheel, adding a splice of cream to my wardrobe. Not to mention this hue appears less stark on my porcelain skin and given that I am minus 1 spray tan, that’s a huge bonus! I can’t decide whether I am more drawn to the floral neckline or the ruffled overlay, but there’s something very unique about this little piece, that creates a certain exclusivity to the Pinnacle Runway brand.

If you identify as a mega girly-girl/ floral enthusiast then I definitely recommend a sneaky shop at Pinnacle Runway, as I have never seen such a splash of beautiful colours and prints in a new arrivals drop! Follow with a follow via the Pinnacle Runway Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Happy blossoming!


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

Rain, Hail, Shine.

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 19

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 09

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 11

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 17

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 22

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 27

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 18

St Frock Heather Lace Dress, Jo Mercer Erin Heel, Seed Heritage Felt Fedora (similar style here), Joshua Hall Favum Mesh Hoop, Joshua Hall Prism Band, Joshua Hall Watermelon Ring, Sportsgirl Studded Clutch (similar style here).

Breaking up the array of prints and colours that have been on constant rotation, I’m dressing head to toe in monochrome on a stormy day. Wearing so much colour on a daily basis, I often forget those fresh feels that come with the simplicity of a white dress and this St Frock number is no exception. It’s feminine, practical and the clean white lines allow for creative stylistic intentions. This time I’m experimenting with stark contrast between the light and dark colour palettes, combining multi textures seen in the lace, felt and studded features and incorporating an edgier undertone with the help of a fedora.

While most people would probably wrap up a shoot quicker than you can say “Manolo Blahnik” in this weather, Erin Smith Photography and I carried on, fulfilling our promise to bring fashion in rain, hail or shine. Not to mention, I’m totally hidden underneath the cutest transparent umbrella, an unintentional prop when the rain came down. I may look unfazed by the brewing storm but there’s no way I’m getting my hair and face wet….I guess that’s what you call commitment.


Photography by Erin Smith Photography