MBFF: McKinney’s Jewellers Group Show

On Wednesday evening the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane spoke notes of sophistication and luxury as the McKinney’s Jewellers Group Show took to the runway. The evening showcased a fabulous selection of bespoke, high end jewels, paired with favourite Queensland designers including Paul Hunt, Pia du Pradal, Irma J Smith, Jack Sullivan, Sacha Drake and more.

Sitting FROW, I admired the precious gemstones, diamonds, pearls and sparklers up close and personal, including the surprise unveil of Margot McKinney’s suite of spectacular, perfectly matched pearls and tanzanite; a rare, multi-million dollar masterpiece, fittingly named the Once in a Blue Moon. See the gorgeous piece below, along with my highlights from the runway!

MBFF McKinneys Show-16

White Label Noba

MBFF McKinneys Show-4

MBFF McKinneys Show-24

MBFF McKinneys Show-28


MBFF McKinneys Show-46

MBFF McKinneys Show-50

MBFF McKinneys Show-56

Hunt + Kelly

MBFF McKinneys Show-87

MBFF McKinneys Show-97

MBFF McKinneys Show-102

Paul Hunt ‘Cruise’

MBFF McKinneys Show-131

MBFF McKinneys Show-143

MBFF McKinneys Show-145

Sacha Drake

MBFF McKinneys Show-159

MBFF McKinneys Show-162

MBFF McKinneys Show-180

Ella Moda

MBFF McKinneys Show-188

MBFF McKinneys Show-195

MBFF McKinneys Show-208

Pia du Pradal

MBFF McKinneys Show-243

MBFF McKinneys Show-246

MBFF McKinneys Show-257

Irma J Smith House Of Fashion

MBFF McKinneys Show-274

MBFF McKinneys Show-297

MBFF McKinneys Show-282

Jack Sullivan

MBFF McKinneys Show-304

MBFF McKinneys Show-315

MBFF McKinneys Show-342


MBFF McKinneys Show-416

MBFF McKinneys Show-423

MBFF McKinneys Show-433

Margot McKinney’s Once In A Blue Moon Reveal

MBFF McKinneys Show-435

MBFF McKinneys Show-436

MBFF McKinneys Show-438

Comprised of collection of perfectly round South Sea pearls & tanzanite, this opulent McKinney’s creation is worth an incredible $3.8 million, signifying the impressive craftsmanship of the fourth-generation jeweller, Margot McKinney. This spectacular piece, was styled with a custom Paul Hunt creation, highlighting a delicate, chiffon blouse and elegant white, satin skirt.

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Photography by Erin Smith Photography

MBFF Brisbane QC Bridal Show

MBFF QC Bridal runway-141

George Wu closing the runway

Every time I watch a bridal show, I am always mesmerised by the dreamy, cascading fabrics of tulle, silk, satin and lace, as they delicately float down the runway. It’s like watching angels descend from heaven…only these angels are swapping their robes for couture – smart move I say!

My lovely photographer Erin and I were treated to front row seats to the MBFF Brisbane QC Bridal Show, courtesy of our friends at Azahara Wines. The show itself was spectacular, featuring breathtaking designs by Elizabeth De Vara, Paul Hunt, George Wu, Jack Sullivan Bridal, Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan, Alter Ego Brisbane and Jordana Regan Couture.

One thing I loved about this show, was that the designers really pushed the boundaries of typical wedding couture, showcasing new silhouettes like the wedding jumpsuit, cropped bodice and skirt combination and capes. It may not be traditional, but as I look back at my highlights from the runway, I can’t help but think how amazing it would be to say “I Do” in a jumpsuit!

Presenting my favourite gowns from the runway.

Elizabeth De Varga

MBFF QC Bridal runway-2

MBFF QC Bridal runway-8

MBFF QC Bridal runway-15

Jordana Regan Couture

MBFF QC Bridal runway-19

MBFF QC Bridal runway-21

MBFF QC Bridal runway-27

Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan

MBFF QC Bridal runway-39

MBFF QC Bridal runway-44

MBFF QC Bridal runway-42

Alter Ego Brisbane

MBFF QC Bridal runway-51

MBFF QC Bridal runway-54

MBFF QC Bridal runway-56

Jack Sullivan Bridal

MBFF QC Bridal runway-78

MBFF QC Bridal runway-89

MBFF QC Bridal runway-77

Paul Hunt

MBFF QC Bridal runway-100

MBFF QC Bridal runway-102

MBFF QC Bridal runway-97

George Wu

MBFF QC Bridal runway-130

MBFF QC Bridal runway-135

MBFF QC Bridal runway-115

Photography by Erin Smith Photography