Rain, Hail, Shine.

TBS Cleveland II look 2 web 19

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St Frock Heather Lace Dress, Jo Mercer Erin Heel, Seed Heritage Felt Fedora (similar style here), Joshua Hall Favum Mesh Hoop, Joshua Hall Prism Band, Joshua Hall Watermelon Ring, Sportsgirl Studded Clutch (similar style here).

Breaking up the array of prints and colours that have been on constant rotation, I’m dressing head to toe in monochrome on a stormy day. Wearing so much colour on a daily basis, I often forget those fresh feels that come with the simplicity of a white dress and this St Frock number is no exception. It’s feminine, practical and the clean white lines allow for creative stylistic intentions. This time I’m experimenting with stark contrast between the light and dark colour palettes, combining multi textures seen in the lace, felt and studded features and incorporating an edgier undertone with the help of a fedora.

While most people would probably wrap up a shoot quicker than you can say “Manolo Blahnik” in this weather, Erin Smith Photography and I carried on, fulfilling our promise to bring fashion in rain, hail or shine. Not to mention, I’m totally hidden underneath the cutest transparent umbrella, an unintentional prop when the rain came down. I may look unfazed by the brewing storm but there’s no way I’m getting my hair and face wet….I guess that’s what you call commitment.


Photography by Erin Smith Photography