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alt="bohemian fashion, bohemian romance"

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Bardot Coachella Dress, Jo Mercer Erasmus Sandals, Swarovski Earrings (similar style here), Fossil Bracelets (similar style here and here).

Weekends often call for a quick dash out of the city and in my case, a touch of wilderness. Know the feeling? Throwing myself into the heart of the jungle, well Tamborine Mt Botanical Gardens, I felt so free dancing around in the natural light, and listening to the sounds of the forest. Of course I anticipated such whimsical events, so I fittingly dressed for the occasion, opting for a luxe boho look.

This Bardot Coachella Maxi allows for plenty of skirt swirling and playful exploration, with it’s delicate cotton fabric and ethereal nature. The bold print creates a vibrant and exciting spirit, and it’s earthy colour palette lends itself to a little splash of rose gold jewellery, my ultimate fav!

You can take the girl out of city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl, as I prefer to keep the heels on as I tiptoe down the garden path. What can I say, I’m a little more gypsy princess than just gypsy 😉


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

  • Gosh Erin is so good with light!! I love these photos! Of course, how beautiful are the trees!?
    I forget sometimes that you live SO far away. 🙁

    xx Jenelle

    • Erin Smith

      Oh you sweetheart! Thanks Jenelle! (7 months late – I get to everything eventually!!)