Becoming A Beauty Queen with Lulu&Lipstick!

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Lulu and Lipstick Travel Brush Set

A familiar saying, often goes that a workman should never blame his tools for the result of bad job, but then I highly doubt Michael Angelo painted the Sistine Chapel with a cheap set of brushes. In the beauty world, poor quality tools can perpetuate very bad results. I’m sure I’m not the only beauty enthusiast that has missed the mark and ended up with a makeup faux pas, due to her tools. So with a resolution to revolutionise my makeup game, I have started with an overhaul, saying goodbye to my wiry, aged brushes and upgrading my equipment. Enter Lulu and Lipstick.

I’ve been following the Brisbane based beauty retailer on Instagram for quite some time, enticed by their glam name, pink packaging and old school glamour. I even received their beautiful Lilac Powder Brush in a gift bag, which has become a favourite amongst my beauty routine.

Arriving to The Blonde Silhouette HQ in beautiful pink packaging, came the Lulu and Lipstick Travel Brush Set, and like any beauty queen, I instantly fell in love! Smitten with the blush pink handle, gold hardware and matching gold travel case, I was instantly reminded these aren’t your standard makeup brushes, these are special, decadent, pristine! If Queen Tay Tay did her own makeup, she’d be using these very brushes to apply it. While these are a beautifully packaged product, they are of beautiful quality, debuting a soft, fluffy texture that feels incredible against my skin! They are also 100% vegan and cruelty free, so there’s no guild involved pre or post application! If like me, you want to upgrade your makeup game, and feel like a queen while doing so, I encourage you to check out Lulu and Lipstick and follow their beauty game on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest.

Expect to see a little more Lulu on the blog, as I think I’ve just been romanced by this beautiful brand! Stay tuned x

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