Smoke on the winter…

Friday, May 31st, 2013



Smoke on the Winter

With a trip to Sydney booked, I am starting to collect my favourite winter pieces to grace the fashion focused city. I’m not sure whether I’m more excited for the shopping, or a chance to wear this perfect smokey shaded Marcs Italian Melton Coat. For all you fashionista’s who experience a chilly winter season, I am truly jealous! Living in the sunshine state equates to non-existant winters. We may be blessed with beautiful summers but our winters are not exactly suitable for trench coat wear.

For all my fabulous readers, I would like to know what trends do you miss out on due to location?

  • Amy

    Since moving to Brisbane I really miss wearing my heeled boots and favourite cream dress coat. Qld is still much to hot to accessorise with scarfes and hats too so I do have to make the most of my trips home to the big smoke. Spending a week in Katoomba in July so that should be sufficient to get my winter wardrobe into action – it can get down to -4 at night..bbrrr!

  • thanks dear but i’m sorry, i don’t have blogovin’!
    btw, love so much the white jumper in this selection, awn! 🙂
    bisous x

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