The “Manhattan”



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Bless’ed Are The Meek Nomad Dress from The Gallery Boutique, Louis Vuitton Concorde Handbag, Jo Mercer Reno Heels, Miansai Rose Gold Anchor, Lovisa Necklace and Earrings, Sportsgirl Mistress Sunglasses.

Red brick buildings, busy sidewalks and secretive alleyways- it certainly feels very “Manhattan” in Tenerife! With perfect weather and a new dress and handbag to celebrate, I strolled the streets of Tenerife with the very talented Erin Smith Photography, snapping my every move like a true paparazzi. With an eye for detail and excitement for bold, red features, she transformed the trendy Brisbane hotspot into an Upper-East Side setting- spotting the most amazing backgrounds on location. While specialising in wedding photography, Erin’s perspective on the fashion landscape is refreshing, highly chic and well, fabulous! Check out her beautiful portfolio featured on her website and Facebook page and insta-stalk her, @erineopso. We had so much fun scouting, giggling and sex-and-the-city reminiscing, all that seemed to be missing were the cosmos!

Photography by Erin Smith Photography