The Spy’s Lover

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TBS Trench 36

St Frock Valentina Trench Coat, Jo Mercer Nina Heels, Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Glasses, Michael Kors Blair Rose Gold Watch, Prouds Rose Gold Studs (similar style here).

Going undercover with one sleek Beige Trench from St Frock. No doubt a stylish adventure awaits Erin Smith Photography and I, should we choose to accept it!

Of course every spy has her disguise and today I’m hiding behind my favourite pair of Karen Walker frames. Enhancing the tortoiseshell, my lips are sealed and concealed in a dark plum lipstick, which helps to enhance my mysterious woman persona…

Now it’s no secret that I love myself a delicate, black, strappy stiletto and the leopard print detail on these Jo Mercer Nina Heels puts a fresh twist on a classic style. They might be fabulous, but these heels were made for quick getaways..otherwise perfect for the #spylife!

You know where to find us secret agents!


Photography by Erin Smith Photography