Wireless Beats With Sudio Sweden

Where pristine sound quality meets stylish Scandinavian design, these Sudio Sweden headphones are a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

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Sudio Sweden Vasa BLA Pink Headphones.

Amongst the excitement of the announcement of the iPhone 7, are some concerns around the missing headphone jack. However, I’m ready for the upgrade, now that I’ve added a pair of wireless headphones to my collection of tech gadgets, courtesy of Sudio Sweden.

When it comes to technology, Sudio VASA Bla delivers studio quality, elegant design and up to 8 hours of wireless freedom. I’ve never heard a clearer sound, as these headphones feature a carefully tuned driver and amplifier to separate the sound of every instrument recorded on the track. The result offers a studio experience – it’s like listening to Selena Gomez live as I type this very post.

As for aesthetics, these headphones are exquisite and stylish, available in a range of colours and metallic hardware. Naturally, I couldn’t go past the pastel pink option with gold hardwear and a matching pink leather case. With a minimalist design, these Sudio Sweden headphones are super light weight and fit conveniently in even the most compact clutches.

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