Fierce in the Forest

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Country Road Skirt, Country Road Grid Print Shirt, St Frock Lioness Time Square Coat (similar style here), Royal Aquamarine McQueen Sunglasses in Monochrome Marble, Wittner Avril Heels,  Prouds Rose Gold Studs (similar style here).

It’s not everyday I find myself in a secluded woodland haven, with a little bridge leading to greener pastures, so I’ll happily embrace a more ethereal spirit.

When exploring into the forest, one should definitely find herself wrapped up in a warm coat, especially if she’s likely to find herself covered in clover, whilst in a blissful slumber, upon a mossy garden bed. This draped collar coat from St Frock makes the perfect choice, creating a relaxed “model off duty” vibe.

Layering with complimentary grey tones, I’m teaming this warm grey coat with a cool grey base seen with a Country Road midi skirt. A little pop of monochrome print, keeps this look colour consistent and chic, a lovely juxtaposition to my earthy surrounds.

Now in search of a rabbit hole! x


Photography by Erin Smith Photography