Chester Street Treats #MarcsStreetView

alt='Marcs Ladies Clothing #MarcsStreetView'

alt='Marcs Ladies Clothing #MarcsStreetView'

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Marcs Silk Rose Print Dress, Elle Louise Gold Triangle Crystal Pendant, Elle Louise Cross-over Stone Choker, Royal Aquamarine Kelly Sunglasses, Michael Kors Handbag (similar style here), Wittner Heels (similar style here), Swarovski Earrings (similar style here).

Days off call for sweet treats and delicious things, as we all need a little reward after the working week! As for my little sweet tooth, there’s one particular hotspot I visit to get my sugar fix – Chester Street Bakery. Located off James Street Precinct, the award winning dessert parlour is lined with cake cabinets, displaying the most decadent desserts. From a rich Nutella Pavlova, to a deliciously nutty Chocolate & Pretzel Peanut Butter Brownie, Chester Street Bakery is a delectable haven, perfect for a sneaky snack or an after dinner treat. As a busy gal on the go, I sipped on a classic Strawberry Milkshake, the perfect remedy for a scorching hot day!

My little adventure gave me the perfect opportunity to test out the NEW #MarcsStreetView platform, which allows you to snap, share and navigate your city’s most stylish hotspots, available to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. As one of the Brisbane contributors, you too can visit my favourite hangouts where I indulge in (and snap) my favourite cuisine, by checking out my profile on #MarcsStreetView! For those interstate readers, see where other Australian Bloggers are checking into, by clicking here! Find out how you can put your lifestyle on the map by clicking here!

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Shakes for days with @erinsmithphoto

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Of course, this trendy hotspot calls for an outfit to match, so I’m styling a beautiful silk, mosaic rose print shift, as part of Marcs’ summer collection. It seems I’m totally coordinating my accessories with my milkshake, opting for pink, pink, pink! What can I say – it’s my signature colour!

Time to dash off for the weekend! Don’t forget to check out Marcs Street View platform, follow @marcs_clothing and the trending hashtag #MarcsStreetView. See you on the map!


Photography by Erin Smith Photography

  • Awwe this looks so amazing ! I love your dress so much, perfect look for a sweet outing ( haha my puns are so good ) but seriously, you look amazing girl <3